Meet our team of industry experts

Alder’s team of industry experts identify, structure and close unique acquisition opportunities and the team of in-house engineers and operators run these businesses as collective portfolios, achieving economies of scale that   provide the next generation with a more sustainable energy future.

Powered by a team of over 100 professionals across offices in the United States and Asia, we are well positioned to navigate the changing energy landscape and achieve our goals.

Our Executive Leadership Team brings decades of collective industry experience, as well as an unwavering commitment to Alder’s values, mission and vision.


We provide strategic, technical, operational, and administrative expertise to each of our assets on a board level and on a day-to-day management basis.

Planning &

We facilitate the seamless flow of gas globally, and work to enhance latest technologies to improve gas delivery.

Experience & Commitment

Our diverse workforce includes engineers, analysts and experts from every area, each committed to delivering efficient, clean and affordable energy to communities around the world.

Sustainable Development

By investing and developing clean energy infrastructure assets, we are helping to create a more sustainable energy future and more robust local economies.

Technology & Innovation

We use market-leading technology to power our projects and advance the global energy transition.


We hire the most qualified and dedicated workforce in the industry, making safety accountability part of our everyday.

“Guided by our values of integrity, safety and responsibility, our leaders and team of industry experts ensure we develop and operate our global projects safely and reliably, working with local communities every step of the way.”